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Beach House Arthur Bay

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Radical Bay, Magnetic Island QLD 4819

Redcliffe Tourism welcomes Beach House Arthur Bay in Magnetic Island, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

The Beach House is the solitary self-contained house in the remarkable setting of Arthur Bay on Magnetic Island. It has no neighbours, surrounded instead by the beach, ocean, hoop pines and majestic craggy boulders. The house is bathed in tranquility. Nature's stereo plays in the background as waves crash against the shore and ocean breezes waft through the interior.Facing the south-east, the sunrises bathe the house in light. Interior timber walls glisten with the reflection of natural light and the whole place oozes warmth and charm. On full moons, the moon cuts a swathe of light across the ocean. Enjoy it from the generous upstairs patio, or sit on the beach and feel at one with moon and ocean. On new moon nights, delight in the majestic sky sparkling overhead with stars unblemished by city lights.The Beach House is an extremely rare property with an air of mystique for anyone passing through Arthur Bay. For the holiday guests, it has the soul and privacy for a magical holiday.